my story

i created neonrobin as my place to create and be a source of light in the world. my name is robin (alexa) haugen… i lived my life believing i was unlucky and started blogging to rewrite that narrative … potentially helping others along the way with #birdtherapy. during that flight, i reignited my passion for art and have decided to reframe my life around this pursuit of happiness.

my flight pattern

during my 15-year career in global branding and design, i’ve circled the heart of the midwest – essentially migrating south from green bay to madison to chicago and ultimately landing in st. louis with the relationships i’ve carried along the way.

why i create

i’m building a home to showcase my work and my interests … but more than anything else, i’m here to open up about big picture topics – including my struggles battling anxiety and depression – all while maintaining a brilliant smile.

swooping into art 

in may of 2020, my mom’s drawing class was canceled due to covid so we began sketching together. it was the sunshine we both needed during such a cloudy period. over the same many months, my parents moved out of the nest we had landed in when our first home was torn down. as a family, we unpacked and revisited rooms and boxes (and pain) that hadn’t been touched since 1994.

my mom and i drew treasures we found, told stories and focused on the future by creating something new together for the first time since she taught me how to draw. only this time, i taught her to use art as a way to fly forward to her next perch. i call it bird therapy – and through sketching we’re both learning the art of letting go.

i hope our journey inspires others to highlight what matters and simply create.